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Updated: 6/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • fannie lou took a job with sncc her home became a gathring for volonters and civl rihts leders fannie lou was a powerful speker but her influnce made her a big target to racist attcts like black mail amd her husband lost job after job.
  • then in june 1963 fannie lou and six other actvist where arrested for trying to eat at a white only diner the police held them for three day beating and torchring them.they new thing where not going to change unless they where forced to so in 1964 they stared a massivevoter registraion drive called freedom summer they went door to door regisring black voters
  • their protest was an uproar and fannie lou was givein a slot to speak she described what she went through simply for trying to vote her testimony replayed on the news for days then in 1965 presadent lyndon johnson singed the the voteing rights activist.