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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/21/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named TagayPa which is known for its innovative processes of cultivation—all thanks to their king and queen!
  • A fruitful harvest! No one can compete with TagayPa's fertile land!
  • Citizens are often elated because of the surplus of food the kingdom has; however, one day, the Prince fell ill after accidentally eating some rotten fruits!
  • I think... I ate a spoiled fruit! Maybe a grape, perhaps.
  • We'll do something about it, Your Highness!
  • The King immediately sent out his servants to search for an old friend who is an apothecary, known for her knowledge in a wide array of healing potions. In less than a day, they have found her! She instantly agreed to their plea.
  • Dear, Lady! Alas we have encountered! The King, your acquaintance, would like to avail your service!
  • Gladly, I would! I zealously offer any kind of help!
  • The Lady went to the Prince's lounge, examined him, and made him drink a special potion made for him. He got better, but drunk.
  • I feel so drowsy and heavy.. What's this potion?
  • It's my discovery called "Fevere"- which means to boil! It's my specialty for you.
  • Fermentation was an ancient process, like how fruits were transformed to alcoholic beverages in Neolithic China. In modern times, Louis Pasteur, a chemist and microbiologist, coined the term.
  • In my experiment, fermented beverages were made from living yeast that were transformed from glucose into ethanol!
  • Fermentation has drastically changed civilization in unimaginable ways!
  • It gives you the wine and cheese. It's valuable in the food processing industry!
  • Through Probiotics, many lives were saved! As long as everything is in moderation, it will always be good for humankind!
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