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Updated: 6/3/2020
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  • so for example.. 3⁶ * 3⁷ will equal 3⁴² ?
  • yes.. also known as the product rule Mrs. K !
  • when the bases are the same, you only add the exponents not multiply the base.
  • so the problem 7⁰ = 1 ?
  • If a number is raised to the 0 power the answer will be 1
  • The exponent rule is Product to Power meaning distributing the outside exponent to every term inside the parenthesis.
  • YES.
  • we call it the zero exponent rule too.
  • the problem 4⁻³ will be 1/4³ ?
  • when its a negative exponent it means to put a 1 over it as a fraction
  • yes James. That is correct
  • The problem 7⁴/ 7³ will be?
  • when dividing and the bases are the same. You only need to subtract the exponents.
  • It will be 7⁴-³ !
  • Explain this exponent rule Jack.
  • (YZ)⁶=
  • Its the Power to a Power rule. Multiplying both the outside and inside exponents.
  • (X²)²=
  • Whats the exponent rule and explain it Jasmine.
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