F51 Vocabulary By Stella Orellana
Updated: 3/17/2020
F51 Vocabulary By Stella Orellana
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  • Ha Ha! Funny Joke!
  • I'm a vampire guys!
  • Sam seemed melancholy when transitioning into a vampire because he wanted to stay human. When the human completed his transition he became an original vampire. He tried to take excursion so he could run away from being a vampire, but it never left him.
  • Let's make a deal!
  • He told his closest friends but it was incomprehensible for them to understand. Sam tried to make it very manifest but they thought he was joking. He became very angry and started craving for blood. He knew he had to feed off of some mammal, so he feed off of animals because he didn't want to hurt any humans.
  • Hi I'm Seth, had you seen the witch any where?
  • No
  • Before you knew it Sam became an odious and selfish vampire because he started ripping apart animals. He came to the converge that he was warily for any second to devour an animal. His parents oblivion about him because he was too dangerous.
  • Here's the cure!
  • Thank you so much! I love you guys! Now I can be human again.
  • His parents was in a poor vantage because they didn't know whether to kill him or find a cure. His parents decided that they wanted to find a cure. They went to another witch to help them find the cure, but the witch had a deal for avenge against her darkest enemy. She wanted to retaliate against an evil opponent called Seth.
  • The deal was simple, the parents would distract Seth and the witch would strew a potion on Seth and it would paralyze him forever. The potion would disperse around him in a circle and he would collapse to the ground. Seth was very stagnant after the spell and he felt very contempt because he was stolid. The witch didn't feel torrent anymore because she got her revenge.
  • She had a proclivity to be excited because the witch made the right choice of unsuspended Seth. The parents finally got the cure and helped their son become a human again. Until, a month later the same witch that turned Sam got out of controlled and turned another human into a vampire..
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