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Updated: 4/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hey there, Today we are going to learn about Protein sythesis.
  • Speaking of which, here comes some DNA, this is needed to transcript to the RNA and this happens in the nucleus.
  • Oooooo here comes some mRNA , I wonder what will happen.
  • As you can see the DNA start to unravel to it can transcript to the mRNA.
  • Now this is really cool, you can see now that the mRNA and the DNA are now interconnecting with each other to transcript .
  • Lets stop and think about why we even need this process. We need protein synthesis because it makes proteins that go on to do very important functions in the body.
  • Now that the mRNA has been transported and now has codons it can travel outside of the nuclear membrane to a....... Ribosome.
  • Great. Now we are all ready, the mRNA and the polypeptide chain is here we can create
  • I almost forgot, polypeptide chains are made from tRNA and amino acids  to create a polypeptide chain that is guided from codon from mRNA.
  • Now that everything is in place we can finally make this special protein so it can go off a do a important task in the body.
  • I never knew something that looks like confetti  is so important in the body.