American Literature II Honors Project
Updated: 6/12/2020
American Literature II Honors Project
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  • Chapter 1: Imagery
  • Chapter 3: Symbolism
  • Chapter 5: Symbolism
  • What are you doing in my land?
  • Sorry, you are evicted from this land
  • Chapter 1 shows imagery of a summer drought during the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma. The imagery is to show the struggles of the thousands of dust bowl farmers and how Tom Joad portrays the struggling farmers.
  • Chapter 7: Theme
  • How much for the car?
  • A Lot! And It is in top notch condition!
  • Chapter 3 shows a turtle trying to cross a highway, but is flipped to its back by a truck. It struggles to get back on its feet at first but later is able to be back on his merry way. This symbolizes Tom Joad's struggles and his fight against forces he cannot control
  • Chapter 9: Theme
  • Its almost worth nothing, now get out of here filth!
  • In Chapter 5, the farmers are not able to make profit, so the farmers were evicted from their land. This shows how the banks are seen as inhuman and heartless monsters who are willing to do anything to anyone that is in their way of their plans.
  • Chapter 11: Theme
  • Bye Bye house
  • In Chapter 7, people sell automobiles but take away all the good parts and make it worse like filling the engine with sand dust to hide the noises. Then they would sell the car for a high price. This shows how people abuse their power against the needy.
  • In Chapter 9, families sell almost all their belongings for their journey to California. Pawn shop owner buy the sold items for cheap knowing they aren't in a position to bargain. This shows how movement of families takes away the dignity of some families.
  • In Chapter 11, the farmers move out of and lose their connection with their work. This shows how the farmers lose interest in farming and how industrialization has spread and how the separation of land and worker takes a part of the farmer's dignity
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