American Literature II Honors Project 2
Updated: 6/13/2020
American Literature II Honors Project 2
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  • Chapter 12: Symbolism
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  • Chapter 14: Theme
  • Chapter 17: Theme
  • In Chapter 12, the migrant farmers are fleeing along Highway 66. Highway 66 unifies our countries diversity as it goes from Arizona to Arkansas. This represents how the migrant farmers are unifying together to help each other during their hardships.
  • Chapter 19: Theme
  • In Chapter 14, the once small amount of migrant farmers started to flood the West. Many people of the West were afraid that the poor would join together to become stronger. This shows how I to We can transform into a force to be heard by the government and how the rich don't want to give up power.
  • Chapter 21: Imagery
  • In Chapter 17, the migrant farmers started to grow a community where twenty different families bonded and joined to become one family. This shows I to We where people can become family and help each other endure the harsh moments of life together.
  • Chapter 23: Theme
  • In Chapter 19, the wealthy fear they will lose power similarly to how the Mexicans lost California. On the other hand, the Okies only want a decent salary to avoid starving. The wealthy are afraid since the weak have gone stronger that they will lose their power.
  • In Chapter 21, the wealthy were afraid of the "the flare of want in the eyes of the migrant" and want to get rid of them. This shows how afraid the wealthy are of the growing numbers of farmer migrants and their fear of losing power.
  • In Chapter 23, the migrant farmers often drink and do other activities like practicing religion when they don't search for work. They do these activities because it helps them escape the harsh realities they have to face. This helps them hold themselves together and to help unite their family.
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