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Health Project: Social Media
Updated: 5/20/2020
Health Project: Social Media
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  • At home
  • Bye, Mom! I'm going to school!
  • I will!
  • Bye, honey! Don't forget your lunch!
  • brave
  • At school: During class
  • Ok! Students, I would like you to meet our new friend, Kayla.
  • I wonder how my other friends are doing.
  • Back home
  • Now that we're back home from a tiring day of school, let me check my email.
  • After moving into a new house, Kayla gets ready to leave for her first day of school.
  • During the Night
  • Wow! I can't believe that I now have over 1K subscribers now.
  • During her first day of school, she daydreams into her own little world of her phone.
  • The next morning: At school
  • To get started, everyone please hand in your homework.
  • After Kayla gets home, all she thinks about is her phone and her new surroundings. She forgets to do her homework.
  • The next day: At class
  • Do you have any reason for why you didn't do it?
  • From now on, I should probably use my time wisely.
  • At 12:30 am, she still can't sleep, and checks her phone for any notifications.
  • The next day, Kayla forgets all about the unfinished homework she didn't do.
  • Umm, Ms. I don't think I did it yesterday.
  • She then realizes that she is addicted to her phone, and decides to restrict herself from now on.
  • Ok, well, since you're new, I'll let you go just this once. Next time, please remember to do your homework.
  • Well, I guess I just forgot to turn in my homework.
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