The Prodigal son
Updated: 8/11/2020
The Prodigal son

Storyboard Text

  • THE PRODIGAL SONLuke 15:11:32 by Finn
  • he then came running back to this father ashamed.this story says that god will never forget that you left him.
  • however he spent all his money on gambling and had to tend to pigs for money.
  • The Prodigal son is about a son who left his father and his farm to have a better life
  • I'm tired of working
  • Father, I demand I recieve my life's savings so I can leave and live a better life
  • Look at how much he's betting
  • how 'bout $500?
  • $500! that's crazy!
  • (I'm not getting paid enough)
  • c'mon pig, into the barn!
  • I'm sorryfather
  • Don't cry son, I forgive you for what you have done.