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Updated: 12/7/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Skeletal System
  • The skeletal system supports the body to help maintain movement like this car shows movement ..
  • Main organs of the body system
  • How the bones, joints , and ligaments hold things together the light hold traffic together and the poles are held by the wires and strong concreate 
  • Main Function of the system
  • Like movement and structure protect organs and stores minerals, seat belts in a car help and support and person from getting her and protecting them .
  • The main function supports the body several bones to allow the body to maintain movement . 
  • 2 fun facts about the skeletal system
  • The main organs are Bones, Joints , Ligaments . Bones are held together by ligaments ,and ligaments allow joints to move . Cartilage is bone between joints .
  • How other body systems work with it.
  • How the skeletal , and bones work together to make the movement smooth so does the tires on a car.
  • Movement and structure and protects Organs. It also contains resources to generate new blood cells and stores minerals.
  • Skeletal System .. Diagram
  • One fact is that the skeletal system is made up of more than 200 bones. The second fact is there is spongy tissue in the bones .
  • Your skeletal is made up of cartilage and calcified bone that works together .There for they help the process of movement go smoother , and the marrow inside your bones helps produce the cells inside of your blood .
  • The skeletal system protects tissue and organs : skull, ribs, and spine . It also Produces red blood cells , to transport oxygen through the circulatory system . Joint- were your 2 bones come together or meet . Ligaments - connective tissue that connect. Cartilage- Flexible tissue that cushions ends of bones . Also adults have 206 bones and there largest bone is the femur.
  • Heyy i have bones also ..
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