Wonderful Things and People
Updated: 4/20/2020
Wonderful Things and People
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  • Lonely girl Felosia
  • I am very boring.My father don't let me go out. No-one play with me.I have no friend!
  • I'm sorry about that, but master don't want you to play with some bad people and get injured.
  • Mother and Father
  • Magic letter and a witch
  • Thanks God!I can give her everything that I have!
  • Felosia, the only child of a rich family in England She was a beautiful girl, but she always feel bored and unhappy.
  • Covenant with the witch
  • Of course Ok!
  • I can help you to find your friend, but you need to give me your affection for your parents.
  • Her mother was a noble in medieval time.Her father was a officers.So he was very busy.Her mother don't love her father, so she cry and curse her everyday.
  • Runaway
  • Go back to your home, Felosia.I know that your family love you very much.No parents don't like their child!
  • One day, a witch found her and give her some letters.she find that she can talk to a girl in Japan by letter.She was very happy, so she tell her everything that she know.She thinks that she make a friends.
  • Reconciliation
  • We promise that we will not neglect you any more.WE did wrong before, please forgive we, Felosia.
  • But when she tell to her father.Her father was very angry and don't let her talk to her new friend any more.She was very angry and sad.She cried and cried.Then the witch appear again.
  • Why!Why I can't talk to my friend!She is my best friend!My only friend!
  • So she go to Japan with nothing.She tell her story to her friend, but her friend let her go back.She feel so regret.The thing that she don't know is that when her feel regret, the witch disappeared, with the letters and the girl. Felosia can't found her any more.
  • Finally she go back to her cold and lonely home.Her father was angry, but he don't said anything.He just embrace and cried.Her mother also cried and embrace her.
  • Yes! Of course yes! Dad and Mum!
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