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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/7/2020
Unknown Story
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  • J-JoeC-CindyJ. Hi Cindy how's it going?C. Hi Joe, its going good, what are you doing here?J. Im here to learn about the causes of the revolution and which ones I think are the most importantC. Thats cool, lets talk about them. Which one do you think was the most important?J. I think Boston Massacre was the most important as it caused the most amount of tension among the colonies. Ill see you later. Bye CindyC. Bye Joe 
  • J-Joe Jo-JohnJo-Hi Joe, nice to see you around here.J-Hi John, nice to see you again.Jo-Joe if you don't mind what are you doing here?J-I am learning about the causes of the revolution. Jo-Tell me more about it Joe!J-I talked to Cindy on what I believe is the most significant event in the timeline, but I think the Boston tea party is the second most important as it showed the colonist weren't scared to do what they had to do, being a major turning point.Jo-Thats so cool Joe, until next time buddy!
  • J-Joe S-SaraS-Hi Joe, how are you?J-Hello Sara, im good, im here to learn more about the revolutionary war!S-OMG Joe that's so cool, tell me about it!J-I talked to some friends about it, and so far I believe that the stamp act was the third most important event as when the British imposed the stamp act, it made the colonist angry as they were being taxed over buying paper, newspaper, legal documents, etc. The colonist were not happy.S-Thanks for letting me know, good luck learning more about it!
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