Lex: mythology

Lex: mythology
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  • God of developement: Lex Attributes: Grows crops to help supply both the Gods and humans. Teaches people how to farm and raise animals.
  • Power: Has the abbility to shap-shift into any animal or person
  • weekness: Lex has an extream weakness to salt water. You will never see him near the shores he will always be further inland.
  • Cultral connections: Lex taught the first 4 generations how to farm and be self sufficient.
  • When the Earth was first created Lex was ne of the first 4 gods. He was gifted the task of creating lasting food. he turned to the land to be his gtuide. from there he brough up farming and domesticating animals to raise for food.
  • God of the sea, rain, and water animals: ocleteas
  • Cultural connections: Due to him being one of the strongest original gods the earth is vastly covered in ocean due to his command.
  • One of the originl 4 gods, defender of the water. fihts off whatever is sent up from the underworld sent by Lex's twin brother Lew.
  • Attributes: When angered he will caue flash flooding, hurricanes, and change when tides change. but will always return them to how they orriginally were
  • Weekness: Can go onto land but looses alot of strength.
  • Powers: can control the tides, control water, and breathe under water.
  • God of the gods, first born. God of thunder,winds, storm, and war: Jarvis
  • Cultural Connections: Jarvis is the cause of tornados. When the gods are angered normally he also is thus why in every natural disaster there is stong winds
  • Attributes: Creater of humans, made from his image.
  • First of the original 4 gods. Deemed himself in charge of creating the first peoples. He made them of his image, this outraged the other gods.causeing a great battle.
  • Powers: Can controle thunder,lightning, and wind. He is also an experet.
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