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Updated: 5/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • the trans-saharan trade
  • once upon a time a person named kenny had a goal. his goal was to cross the trans-saharan trade route. but he also wanted to make it out of the trade route with the best good he could get.
  • kenny got his silk and was off he planned to travel from north to south and end his adventure in the sub-haran afica.
  • the first empire he had to trade with whas the ghanna empire, he offer them his silk for there cloth the ghanna empire, accepted his trade and kenny was of to the next empire.
  • the next empire was the mali empire he showed up excpecting to trade his cloth for porcelin the mali empire denied his offer and had no choice to go to the final empire to complete his goals.
  • kenny new that if the final empire didn't ecept his trade he would fail his goal so he showed up to the songhai empire and offered his trade they ecepted knowing that it would help them both and he went home with full pride in his mind. The End