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Updated: 5/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • white sunday island is the most popular island along the east coast of austrialia. Part of the reason its so popular because part of it is the worlds biggest reaf the great barrier reef.
  • magnetic island is off the coast of townsville , queensland. Its known for the reef koala, and there are many routes and paths were you can walk through and advencher.
  • fitzori island is an island with bright blue waater a couple minuets away from Cairns, fitori. There are many things to do like bouncing on a trampoline in the water, paddle boarding kayaking and more
  • phillip island is about an hour and a half away from south melbourn. Its home and known for its peguin parade. Many peguins live on the island and its also known to be a great surf spot.
  • Lord Howe island is located south east of sydney australia. The island is packed with coral pools, mountain peeks, walking trails, and the only way to get there is plane
  • moreton island is located south of frazier island and is great for swimming and most of the time when your their youll most likey see dolphins and more life in the water along with you.