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Updated: 3/2/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Bloody Sunday
  • Long Term Causes
  • Short Term Causes
  • British, French and Russians
  • Germans and Austro Hungary
  • Bloody Sunday occurred in 1905 when Russian Tsars were shooting up mass amounts of unarmed citizens. This event led to the start of the Russian Revolution.
  • October 1917 Revolution
  • After the Russian Revolution, Russia had a widespread inflation and had food shortages which caused peasants to live in poverty and become more upset with the Tsar and how he ran the government; especially Tsar Nicholas II and his autocratic way of ruling.
  • February 1917 Revolution
  • Becoming involved in World War 1 and creating the country to become weakened as a result.
  • Lenin, Rasputin, Nicolas II
  • Lenin and the Bolshevik party stormed the winter palace, home of the provisional government and the power soon passed to Lenin and his Bolshevik party as a result.
  • The February Revolution of 1917 was when peasants rioted and revolted against the government because of the food scarcity and loss of faith in the government
  • Lenin was the leader of the Bolsheviks who was a revolutionary Marxist and wanted to change the government. Rasputin was basically a sexually promiscuous man who helped take down the Tsars in Russia. Nicolas II was the Tsar of Russia and became weak in this point in time and became to fall causing the Tsar empire to decline.
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