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Unknown Story
Updated: 6/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Leo's tour was going great until he learned about the dragon.The archer dude, Will Solace, seemed pretty cool. Everything he showed Leo was so amazing, it should’ve been illegal. Real Greek warships moored at the beach that sometimes had practice fights with flaming arrows and explosives? SWEET! Arts & crafts sessions where you could make sculptures with chain saws and blowtorches? The woods were stocked with dangerous monsters, and no one should ever go in there alone? And the camp was overflowing with fine-looking girls. Leo didn’t quite understand the whole related-to-the-gods business, but he hoped that didn’t mean he was cousins with all these ladies. Will showed him the cabins, the dining pavilion, and the sword arena.
  • But that Rainbow Pony dude, Butch—he mentioned a curse
  • You will probably make your own, as you are in cabin nine.
  • Usually we don’t call the gods by their Roman names. The original names are Greek. Your dad is Hephaestus
  • Do I get a sword?
  • Yeah, what's up with that? Vulcan?
  • He-phaestus, god of blacksmiths and fire.
  • You were claimed almost immediately. That’s usually good.
  • So the flaming hammer over my head. Good thing, or bad thing?
  • *Takes a while to answer*
  • Festus? Sounds like the god of cowboys
  • The god of fire … seriously? Considering what had happened to my mom, that seems like a sick joke.
  • Ah … look, it’s nothing. Since Cabin Nine’s last head counselor died---
  • I ought to let your bunkmates tell you about it
  • Died? Like, painfully?
  • *mutters under breath* Curses and Death. This just gets better and better.
  • He, um, can’t. You’ll see why.
  • *Walks off quickly*
  • Yeah, where are my home dawgs? Shouldn’t their counselor be giving me the VIP tour?
  • What old lady?
  • That old lady …What’s she doing here?
  • What's wrong?
  • Why is Tia Claudia here? She is not the kind of person I expect to see at a demigod camp.
  • Dude, the old lady. The one in black. How many old ladies do you see over there?
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