Lyddie Conflict
Updated: 1/13/2021
Lyddie Conflict

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  • Person V. Society
  • "'When I first saw you'. . . 'I... I thought...' . . . 'It's a lot of money' (Pg42)
  • "'I'd be tempted myself if I were you'" (Pg42)
  • Person V. Person
  • "'Go along,' . . . 'This is a respectable tavern, not the township poor farm.'" (Pg20)
  • Person V. Nature
  • "'Don't nobody yell' . . . 'Just back up slowly quiet to the ladder and climb up to the loft. . .'" (Pg1)
  • This was Lyddie's first time seeing a black person. She had heard about the hundred dollar award for turning in a runaway slave and believed that amount of money could pay the debts on the family's farm. But once she met Ezekiel and understood they shared common situations, Lyddie decides not to turn him in for the reward.
  • Lyddie is embarrassed by Mistress Cutler and made her (Lyddie) feel bad about herself because she was dirty and poor. Lyddie feels anger inside but is still respectful to Mistress Cutler. She works even harder to earn Mistress Cutler's respect but it doesn't work. Mistress Cutler is a mean, rude, and hateful person who treated her workers like slaves.
  • The black bear is an animal and is a part of nature. When the bear comes into the cabin, it becomes a physical danger to Lyddie and her family, who are inside the cabin. This is the conflict Lyddie had to deal with because Lyddie's mother did not take charge of the situation. Lyddie also worries about the damages the bear will do to the cabin.
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