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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/1/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Come on, Ted! We need to get this desk moved.
  • UGH! It'!
  • I have an idea! Let's put felt sliders on the desk to make it easier to slide.
  • Great idea! Let's try.
  • I'll explain it in one word: friction!
  • Wow! That's so much better! I wonder why that helped?
  • Why is Ted having trouble with moving the desk? Well, the answer to that question is friction! Friction is a force that occurs when two objects or surfaces come in contact with one another. The most important thing to remember about friction is that it restricts an object's movement. In this case, Ted is sliding the desk on the floor, so we know that sliding friction is occurring. The desk is also very heavy, so it presses down on the floor with more force, increasing friction even more.
  • Felt sliders will make the desk easier to move by reducing the amount of surface area touching the ground. The less amount of desk is rubbing the ground, the less friction there will be. Plus, the felt is smoother than the wood of the desk, and smoother surfaces always reduce frictional force.
  • Great! The felt sliders worked. A lot of common problems we experience in everyday life can be explained with physics, and solved with logic and common sense.
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