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Origins of Denmark
Updated: 8/31/2020
Origins of Denmark
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  • We Vikings are the original ancestors of the Danish.
  • We started setting up settlements in those areas and stayed for some time
  • I King Olaf Tryggvason brought Christianity to the danes in 1000 A.D
  • It took some time before most became christian
  • Eventually we had created our own monarchy
  • Its lasted for nearly 1000 years and still exists today!
  • After WWII there was a demand for more freedom in political choice and the Monarchy obliged
  • We want a say in the government and we want to vote!
  • Several countries in Europe were experiencing rapid political change due to the cold war
  • We can compromise with you and find a new form of government.
  • Modern Denmark is now a socialist democracy, while still keeping a monarchy for tradition
  • We are members of the "Scandinavian model", which means we have higher taxes but we have a lot provided
  • Now one of the most successful democratic socialist states out there
  • We have managed to evolve from terrifying vikings to now one of the most hospitable places on earth
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