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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/10/2019
Unknown Story
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  • my name is democritus i believe there is empty space between atoms
  • my name is Aristotle i don't believe there is empty space between atoms i think it is made up of fire,water,air and earth
  • My name is John dalton i proposed the atomic theory i think atoms cannot be divided,created or destroyed
  • my name is J.J Thomson i came up with the cathote ray experiment i discovered that the ray bent towards the positive charged plate so the beam is negative.I discovered electrons.
  • my name is Ernest Rutherford i came up with the gold foil experiment i shot a energy beam at the foil some went through and some bounced back likes repel so the foil has a positive charged center it must have empty space.
  • My name is James Chadwick i discovered the nucleus also contained the neutrally charged neutrons
  • my name is Niels Bohr i proposed the electrons move in a circular orbit.there are 3 different energy levels.The electrons closer to the nucleus have less energy than the ones closer to the nucleus.
  • My name is Erwin Schrodinger i stated that electrons don't move in set path's but in waves it is called the electron cloud.
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