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Updated: 5/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • In the year 2018, there was a girl, Ella, who is 17 years old, is heading home after her father got married to a woman who is now her stepmother and has two stepsisters, Joanne and Kelly. A year later, Ella's father passed away while he was going on a trip.
  • Each day I come back from school and have all of these chores that I am told to do. My stepmother and her daughters treat me as a maid, but I don't speak up for myself because I am a kind person even to those who are disrespectful to me.
  • I head up the attic which is my room and start my homework. I then overhear my stepmother talking about a dance we were invited to. There were footsteps I hear which were getting louder until I realize that it's my stepmother.
  • "I have been informed that we have been invited to a dance with a very special host," my stepmother said. I got so excited until what I was told next."You won't go because you have to clean the house," Joanne said mockingly.
  • I was very angry but not surprised because this is how I get treated until I realized I had a beautiful dress to go to the dance. I headed to the dance I tried to stay hidden until I realized I shouldn't be treated like this when I help this family I'm not even a part of.
  • I later try to search for my stepmother to tell her that I will not help her with any chores because she is also capable of doing it herself. I tell her that I will stay home to work hard so I can get a scholarship to go to college and leave this family for good.