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Updated: 2/7/2020
Unknown Story
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  • French & Indian war 1754-1763
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • Sugar act 1763
  • The French & Indian war was a war that was where the French and British went to war. The cause were when the French began to settle on the Ohio River Valley and the British weren't that happy. The effects of the French & Indian war were The British going broke due to them having to pay for stuff so they had to tax the American Colonies also the French lost all of their land and The British gained a lot of land.
  • Stamp Act 1765
  • The Proclamation of 1763 was when king George III mad a law when the war was over. The cause for the law was since the Natives kept on attacking and he didn't want another war so he mad the law that no colonist is to go on west of the Appalachian Mt. The effect was that the colonists did now care and ignore the rules and still went there.
  • Quartering Act 1765
  • The sugar act was a law that King George III made so the colonists would stop sneaking and trading illegal goods. The cause for this was to help the crown get out of dept. The effect was that the colonists did not like how the money was going to the crown and that they weren't getting represented. Also lumber,sugar, and iron were effected.
  • Forming Of the Sons Of Liberty 1765
  • The stamp act was a law that King George III made to tax people on news, papers, stamp etc. the cause for this was because the Britain was in dept so they had to find a way to pay for it. The effect for this was that the American colonists did not like this, refused to pay, and protested.
  • British Parliament passed the law that when the war ended. The cause for this was that when the war ended, the British sent more troops to protect the colonists and for doing so, the troops would cost Great Britain. The effect was that the colonist had to pay and have the troops stay at their homes and have a quarter. The colonists did now like this because the cost to keep the troops was high.
  • The Sons Of Liberty was a secret group formed by colonists to help fight for their rights. the cause for this was because Great Britain started giving out laws and taxes. The effect was the Sons Of Liberty would meet up secretly and decide how to protest, whether it be stating fires, and riot and stuff like that.
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