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Updated: 1/24/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Isaac Newton: Hey Robert! The theory was great. And well..I don't want to brag or anything but I've Applied reason and rationality to natural phenomena. And I guess you could say I inspired other thinkers with the idea of the universe having natural laws.
  • Robert Boyle: Hey what's up Isaac Newton. Crazy seeing you here! How was the theory of universal gravitation going?
  • Louis Pasteur: Isaac you never told me you developed that theory! What else did you do?
  • Marie Curie: Hey sorry to bud in, but I over heard you talking about elements. I've discovered radioactive elements named Polonium and Radium. And I used radioactivity to improve medical treatments.
  • Robert Boyle: Well that's cool. I've disputed that earth consisted of 4 elements and discovered natural elements & compounds from experiments
  • Robert, Marie, Isaac: That's cool.
  • Robert: I ordered milk, where is it?
  • Louis Pasteur: Well did you know that I discovered that heat could kill bacteria and proved germs in the air cause bacteria growth.
  • Isaac Newton: So?
  • Robert Boyle: Louis and Marie thanks for the impt but I just want my milk.
  • Marie Curie: Isaac I see where Louis is coming from. But milk goes through a process before we drink it, so we will be fine.
  • Louis Pasteur: Milk can spoil Robert because of bacteria.
  • Isaac Newton: Yes same, see you guys later!
  • Marie Curie: Well anyways, I got to go. Nice talking with ya'll!
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