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Dancing Characters

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  • Attributes: She can calm anyone or put anyone in their place. She has all of the effects of a mother.
  • Mueter was the earth, her determination and strength were the mountains, her exhaustion was the prairies and rolling hills, and her calm was the forest and deep valleys. But this also means her anger was the volcanoes and the rivers were her tears. (to be continued)
  • MueterThe Mother Goddess
  • Cultural Connection: Her three moods are represented by the snowy mountains, the peaceful meadow, and the calm forest
  • Weaknesses: Emotional Connections, Love, Sensitivity, Himelus,
  • Powers: Shape Shifting, Flying, Comfort, and Warmth.
  • The Goddess of Earth, Motherhood, and Women
  • Ever since he was forced from his partner, he's become spiteful. During the day when he can still see the one he loves he's happy and calm but once his sun goes behind the hill he becomes cold and unforgiving. (To be Continued)
  • Attributes : He can make anyone laugh and be the nicest guy around but once he's mad theres no going back
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  • HimelusThe Great Father
  • Weaknesses: Quick to Anger, Forgetful, Spiteful, and Jealous
  • Cultural Connection: Like Day and Night his personality can switch.
  • Powers: Control over Rain, shape shifting
  • The God of the Sky, Sun, Moon, and Stars
  • ListigThe Trickster God
  • God of the Sea, Water, and Tricks
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