CW 2021 Superhero Story
Updated: 1/14/2021
CW 2021 Superhero Story

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  • Alright, here class is an algebraic expression.
  • Ha, ha, ha! Now everyone will be lazy so I can take over this town!
  • In Homeworkville, where all people do is homework, had a calm day. All these people like to do is work.
  • Oh no! I am so slow! I can't get you! You win. You can take my town!
  • Velma Martinez was in high school doing work. Even though secretly she was a superhero. She was Agent Smart. A superhero that makes it so that people can do their work.
  • Mwa, ha, ha! Now you are so slow! You can't even get me!
  • But then Captain Sloth came and started hitting everyone with his Lazyinator. He wants it so people don't get any work done. Captain Sloth want then will take control and rename the town to Lazytown!
  • Captain Sloth out! Peace! Wait no War!
  • Okay there is a switch here that I could use to make everyone work again.
  • Wait! You're fast? I thought you got zapped!
  • Velma's school then got zapped by Captain Sloth! All of the students then slowly, with all the teachers everyone evacuated the building except Velma so she could transform into Agent Smart.
  • She found out that she was immune to the zap! Agent Smart then came up with a plan. She would pretend that she was slow. While she was pretending to be slow and lazy Captain Sloth found her!
  • Then Agent Smart went fast and knocked cranky Captain Sloth down and took his wand. Captain Sloth was very confused and shocked. But then Agent Smart found a reverse switch on the wand and zapped everyone so they can go back to doing their work. While Agent Smart was doing this Captain Sloth slipped like a snake and went away!
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