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Updated: 5/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Today we have story of a girl named Audrey teaching kids that do not have an education. Here she is to try and teach us all something now.
  • Hi! I'm here to teach Math and the topic will be on proportions. I will teach you step by step on how to solve proportions.
  • It's actually really simple we have to first multiply across. Let's multiply 25 x 15 first and see what we get. I got 375. Then let's multiply 100 by x which would just be 100x.
  • I will give an example. Let's say the problem is 25/100 = x/15 . Our goal here is to find x. The method I use is called Cross-multiply.
  • Now our problem should look like 100x=375. Now we have to divide each side by 100. When we divide 100x by 100 it cancels out as just x. Now let's divide 375 by 100 which is 3.75.
  • Now we know what x equals! Which is 3.75! I hope this helped you a lot and make sure to check my YouTube channel called Audrey teaches for more learning! Thank you for having me!
  • Thank you Audrey for a learning experience! Now coming up we have Adam Seinfeld here! My personal favorite comedian of all time!