Unknown Story
Updated: 11/22/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • I believe wheat is better because we grow them in our local farms
  • No! I believe tobacco is greater because we can make money off of it! 
  • I think Minecraft is better because it made lots of money just like selling crops
  • Well I think Animal Crossing is better because Timmy and Tommy have a market just like we do
  • I think woman's hair pieces are important because it shows our culture
  • Well I think hair dye is better because it can be used on both men and woman!
  • I believe woman are more fashionable than men because wear dresses most of the time
  • Well I believe that men are more fashionable than woman because we always meet with people in fancy outfits
  • I believe all people should be Christian because they can worship god and it is the only true religion
  • Well, i believe people should have freedom of religion because people should be able to make their own choices
  • I think dogs are better because they can herd animals and the are very loyal and loving
  • Well, I believe cats are better because they can catch small critters like mice, rats, etc.