Exam Day
Updated: 12/10/2020
Exam Day

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  • NOOOOOO!!!
  • Hey so you know that Mrs. Johnson is giving us a test right?
  • OK class! We are going to be taking an exam today!
  • I think I did pretty good!
  • I honestly did not expect this to happen at all. I just saw Michael and sighed. “What is going on?”, he asks. “I have no idea!” I replied.
  • I honestly have no idea man
  • Maybe I'll just go home and play games. Sorry Jeremy!
  • So what do you think you are going to do today?
  • OMG that is super funny!
  • The time had come, the big thing was an exam. I was not prepared for this. I did not study the night before or anything!
  • What does the cow say to his friend about the giant mini planet? Its a MOOOON
  • As we took the test, I was gradually feeling better about it and by the time the period is over, I think that I did well! Turns out I got a 95!!!
  • Whoa is that COVID-19?
  • Yeah I think
  • It was a normal day at the bus stop, the following conversation ensues.
  • James and Jeremy share a few laughs and then they arrive to school.
  • They arrive at school and have an average day. Then biology class arrives.
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