Popular Culture and Mass Media by Griffin Reische

Updated: 5/14/2020
Popular Culture and Mass Media by Griffin Reische

Storyboard Text

  • Travis Scott's new album is fire! I love how he collaborated with Fortnite to do his release
  • I loved watching the new Michael Jordan documentary. I could relate to so many of his hardships
  • The street art in Bushwick is dope! The creativity of the artists is amazing
  • What Popular Culture and Mass Media Is
  • What Popular Culture and Mass Media is Not
  • I always purchase season tickets to the Metropolitan Opera and NYC Ballet.
  • I love listening to Bach's Violin Concertos when I drive to work
  • I can't wait to get home and finish reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
  • What Popular Culture Consumers and Mass Media Producers Think
  • Important!
  • Collaborative!
  • Love it!
  • Relevant to my Life!
  • Here to Stay!
  • Innovative!
  • What Mass Culture Critics say about Popular Culture andMass Media
  • Puts folk and high culture at risk
  • Exploiting
  • Overly Democratic
  • For Profit
  • Unsophisticated
  • Trivial
  • No Academic Merit
  • Manipulative
  • Unsophisticated
  • Popular Culture allows the ordinary people (and the extraordinary people like me) in society to share traditions, rituals, and cultural behaviors. It plays an important role in contemporary culture byproducing mass media that includes marketable goods, entertainment, and other cultural products for the masses.
  • Popular Culture belongs to the people of the world. It is widespread, interesting, innovative, accessible, understandable, and important. Mass media produces somethingfor everyone and it brings people with common interests together and allows them to connect in a communal way.