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How a Plant's Response to Light Helps Them Grow
Updated: 10/2/2020
How a Plant's Response to Light Helps Them Grow
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Storyboard Description

This comic is illustrating how a plant's response is vital in their survival, energy use, and growth. It expresses how phototropism plays a large role in aiding photosynthesis, the process of absorbing light energy to create nutrients for the plant. Follow along as mother and child witness the positive outcome of some flower's response to the sunlight.

Storyboard Text

  • Yay, flowers!
  • Come on love, lets go replant some flowers..
  • Why do the flowers grow tall?
  • As the plants respond to light, they grow towards the light source.
  • Darling, it's time for bed. Plant growth is a process. It won't happen all over night!
  • Mom, they're responding! They're responding!!
  • Plants and flowers use the process of photosynthesis for energy to grow big and strong and make nutrients. The plants use a concept called phototropism to their benefit. They grow tall towards the sun in positive phototropism. This is because the more sunlight they receive, the more energy they can make for nutrients, which is essential for survival!
  • High-five! Great job! We planted them in the perfect spot for them to complete photosynthesis and fully use the sun's light!
  • Mom look!!
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