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Comic about school
Updated: 9/25/2020
Comic about school
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  • Walking into school
  • Eating breakfast
  • Class it is time for breakfast go get it!
  • Thank you!
  • Classes
  • Time to work on your stuff for me.
  • Okie we will
  • We get off the bus or out of the car then we go inside the school and we get our temperature checked and then we go through the metal detectors. We cannot come in unless we have some type of face-covering.
  • Lunch
  • What did yall do today I played with some of my friend that are not in my class
  • As soon as we get in the classroom we wait for the lunch ladies to bring breakfast when they bring it we go and get it to eat.
  • Outside
  • Let's play football
  • OK
  • we have our classes and every class the boys like to play football in the classroom before the teacher gets in there and when the teacher does they find out and they get in trouble. We can only have 13 in the classroom but we have 2 rooms so we have 26 kids.
  • Bus
  • At lunch, we can only sit 3 to a table and we can also take our mask off when we are eating and when we get up to dump our tray we have to have our masks on. We get to sit by whoever we want but we have to pick in advance and we have to sit there everyday.
  • I played football
  • I played soccer with my friends
  • We go outside before the buses come and we just play and hang out with our friends and they can be from the other classes or they can be from ours it doesn't matter.
  • Yes
  • Hi did you get you work done for Ms.Bishop
  • We get on the bus and your friends might not ride your bus. We also have to sit in a seat with one person and it has to be the same person every day and we have to keep our mask on.
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