Squire Smith: Hero Cycle Project ELA 9
Updated: 12/21/2020
Squire Smith: Hero Cycle Project ELA 9

Storyboard Text

  • Birth & Childhood
  • Oh no. I think they know I am faking being crazy so I don't have to go to war!
  • I know he is faking it! No man would run over his own child.
  • Preperation
  • Cyclops
  • "I am Polyphemus, this is my cave, my mountain, and everything that comes her is mine. I do hope you can all stay to dinner. There are just enough of you to make a meal" (20).
  • "Greetings, may I know to whom we are indebted for such hospitality?" (20).
  • Before the Trojan war, Odysseus tried to get out of the draft by pretending to be insane. He did not want to leave his child or his wife to go fight in a war. But when they put his child in front of a plow, Odysseus could not act any longer and had to fight in the war.
  • Sirens
  • I bet I can make Olysseus swim over here so I can eat him.
  • As the Greeks prepared to sail away to Troy and get Menelaus's wife back, they set sail with a thousand ships, ready to cause chaos to all.
  • Ultimate Battle
  • Finally! Now that I am home I can think of a plan to take back my kingdom with my son.
  • When Odysseus and his crew stopped on an island for food, they wandered into Polyphemus's cave. He killed 2 of his men. Odysseus in this story shows archetype red. He is brave, strong, and leads his men to safety. Odysseus tricks Polyphemus to drink lots of wine. The cyclops passes out drunk and Odysseus and his crew are able to escape. But, Odysseus became foolish and threw taunts at the cyclops, this resulted in getting 7 out of the 9 men who escaped killed.
  • Triumphant Return
  • Odysseus had his men tie him down while they passed the Sirens. He needed his hearing to command the ship. Odysseus struggled against the bonds, for the voices he heard were too great to bear. Odysseus shows red in this story. He is brave for hearing the voices, and he also shows extreme strength when he breaks his bonds.
  • "And at the head of this strait is a rocky islet where dwell two sisters called Sirens, whose voices you must not hear" (86).
  • When Odysseus returns home, he plans to keep his identity a secret. He knows that if he reveals himself, he will be overpowered and killed. He hid his stuff in a cave and pretended to be a beggar. Odysseus planned to reveal himself during the competition where princes would compete to become Odysseus's wife's next husband. Odysseus shows yellow in this part of the story. He is smart for keeping his plan a secret and courageous for his idea as a beggar.
  • When Odysseus reveals his identity after competing in the archer competition, he is attacked by the suitors and chased into the castle. When Odysseus saw his son injured, he summoned god-like strength and hurled a stone slab at the suitors. Odysseus shows red in this part. He shows anger and rage towards the suitors.
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