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Hair crime scene
Updated: 10/19/2020
Hair crime scene
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  • Oh no...
  • The crime scene
  • Is she dead...?
  • Confessing to the crime
  • Uhhh... fine I did it I killed her but I was temporary insane....
  • We know you killed Nancy Titterton the evidence is all pointing to you!
  • Fiorenza executed in 1937
  • Justice is served!
  • This case is about a woman named Nancy Titterton who was brutally murdered and raped in her upscale home in Beekman Place, NY on April 10th, 1936. The only evidence found was the rope used to tie her hands and horsehair that was in her bed. Theodore Kruger and John Fiorenze were the people who found the body.
  • The whole reason Kruger and Fiorenze were at the crime scene was because they were delivering a repaired couch which was filled with the same horsehair that was found at the crime scene. Due to some research, the police were able to find out that the cord was sold to Kruger's work which gave the police their suspect John Fiorenze.
  • With all of the evidence pointing to Fiorenze, the police went to confront him but he was diagnosed as delusional so they had to pretend to be his friend and ask for his help in solving the case but when he least expected it they dropped the evidence on him and he was forced to confess. He said that he was temporally insane and went to court, his defence did not hold up and he was then executed a year after.
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