How Snakes Got Venom
Updated: 1/16/2020
How Snakes Got Venom
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This is a science project

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  • Advait Bharathulwar
  • How Snakes Got Venom
  • Aaah!!! You Bit Me! I am Dying!!!
  • Ha Ha! You Are SO Weak!
  • Some snakes didn't have venom. They were like this snake and they couldn't defend themselves because they had no venom and they died
  • Some snakes have venom. This venom is delivered into the victim when the snake bites them. The venom can paralyze and kill the predator. This snake defended it self and is alive.
  • *hiss* *bite* Go away *bite*
  • Aaah! You bit me! It is so blurry. My hands are numb. The venom. *thud*
  • These snakes are the best adapted to their environment. They protected themselves and survived using the venom.
  • These venomous snakes defended themselves and reproduced.
  • The non-venomous snakes couldn't defend themselves and their population decreased.
  • In a hundred years, the whole population is full of venomous snakes. This is how all snakes got venom.
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