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Updated: 1/27/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Geography
  • What river is this? We built our civilization on our Tigris and Euphrates rivers. We farmed and used them as a water source.
  • Greeting Egypt, I am Hammurabi.
  • SAME! Instead, we did it on the Nile.
  • Hey Pal, I am King Tut.
  • Culture
  • Peculiar, it looks a lot like our sculpture but our's are based off of our traditions.
  • Wow, there are already so many things in common I can't wait to find out more!
  • Here is an example of one of our sculptures.
  • WHAT!?!?!?! We use our own currency, shekels!
  • Economics
  • No problem.
  • Hey, what type of currency do you have? We use solid gold for trading just like what's on my hat.
  • Wow. Can I take a look around Mesopotamia now?
  • King Hammurabi visited Egypt and Pharaoh Tutankhamon
  • Belief Systems
  • Did you just say gods, were also polytheists! (Except for Akhenaten's rule)
  • As they were walking through the desert, they stumbled across this.
  • Politics
  • This is a ziggurat, it's where we pray to our gods.
  • I am the one major person of power, my say is final. That is why I love being a pharaoh.
  • DUH, of course we did. Our's is cuneiform, written in sticks and triangles.
  • They went to an oasis to chill out
  • Science & Technology
  • I was wondering if you used had a written language like our hieroglyphics which are based on objects.
  • Once they went to Mesopotamia, they passed by a ziggurat.
  • Then, they decided to settle down around one of the city-states to chat.
  • I love being the king for the exact same reason, anybody who disobeyed my code would be punished harshly.
  • Just before parting, they visited one of the scribes houses.
  • BYE!
  • Well... I guess it's time to leave. BYE!
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