number the stars
Updated: 2/13/2020
number the stars

Storyboard Text

  • Ellen and Annemarie were stopped by the Germans
  • HALT!!!!!
  • Why are you running?
  • Me and Ellen were racing
  • The Germans barged in Annemarie's house
  • How is she your daughter?
  • Here look at this picture * gives the picture*
  • MOM!!!! are you ok!
  • Annemarie found her mom laying on the ground
  • Yes I'm ok it has just been a long night
  • Hey little girl what are you holding?
  • A-A hanker chief
  • Dogs smell the hanker chief
  • later Annemarie got to uncle Henrik
  • uncle Henrik! I got the hanker chief!
  • Thank you this will help a lot
  • 2 years later the war ended!