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Updated: 2/2/2020
Unknown Story
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  • ~Interphase~
  • -Nucleus -Chromatin
  • ~Prophase~
  • -Spindle fibers-Chromosomes
  • -Spindle fibers-Chromosomes-Centrioles
  • ~Metaphase~
  • -Dna replication -Chromosomes are not yet visible-Nucleus is visible
  • ~Anaphase~
  • -Mitosis begins-Spindle fibers assembles-Nuclear membrane -In the nucleus the chromatin fibers condense to rod shape & become visible
  • ~Telophase~
  • -Chromosomes attach to the spindle fibers and line up in the center of the cell-The centrioles are now at opposite sides of the cell-The spindle fibers attach to each of the sister chromatids.
  • ~The Phases of Mitosis~
  • -Chromosomes-Centromere-Centrioles
  • -Chromosomes break at centromeres-Sister chromatids move to opposite ends of the cell-chromosomes separates from its identical copy
  • Sister chromatids
  • -set of chromosomes-nucleus
  • -Reverse of prophase-each cell has complete set of chromosomes -Spindle disappears
  • ~The End~
  • By: Lily and Alexa
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