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Updated: 9/22/2020
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This is the summary of the story Oedipus the king

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  • You know what? The king and queen adopted you... heh
  • Wait, what? I'm not their biological child?
  • One day you will murder your own father
  • Oedipus had some doubt when the drunker said it. He decided to ask the oracle in Apollo.
  • What is my fate?
  • Oedipus ran away from Apollo, scared that he might accidentally kill his father in Corinth. He kept on walking on the way to Thebes.
  • While he was walking, he heard someone telling him that he was too slow and a stick hit his head
  • Oedipus got so mad when he was hit by the stick, when he is mad, he becomes dangerous. He wanted to kill them.
  • He looked at what he had done but one managed to escape.
  • The Sphinx is the guardian of Thebes. It consumes anything that will stand in its way.
  • He finally arrived at the entrance and he saw something very suspisious and surprising.
  • Oh my!
  • I have a riddle. If you answer my riddle correctly, you may live.
  • The Sphinx was taken aback when Oedipus got the correct answer to the riddle.
  • This creature walks on four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three in the evening.
  • What is a man?
  • That is correct.
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