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Updated: 1/25/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Execution of King Louis XVI/ Reign of Terror
  • Yah
  • Let's go
  • Congress of Vienna
  • Rise of Napoleon
  • King Louis XVI is executed for treason. 10 months later, the queen was executed. Begins the Region terror. Thousands of unknown people also were sent to their deaths and about 85 percent were peasants or members of the urban poor or middle class. 40,000 people died.
  • The Fall of Napoleon
  • Leaders of the 4 major powers, (Great Britain, Prussia, Austria, and Russia) meet in Vienna to help fix Europe after the Napoleonic Wars and limit France’s power so there won't be another huge war.
  • Conclusion
  • Ater the congress of vienna, French returned territories gained by Napoleon from 1795 - 1810 and Russia extended its powers and received power over Poland and Finland. Napoleon's legacy was that he was remembered as extremely driven and motivated. He wanted to unite all of europe into one country with France in control. Napoleon died in May, 1821 in Saint helena. Napoleon wanted to be buried in France along the seine river and was buried far away from paris.
  • Napoleon starts off as a lieutenant, becoming a general during French Revolution. Saves the National Convention from people, who support the king in 1799. Gains popularity from that and from winning many battles.
  • The End
  • Napoleon fled back to Paris and was forced to go to saint helena. Napoleon died in May, 1821 at the age of 52. They think he died of stomach cancer.
  • By: Jennifer Cruz Vasquez
  • By: Jennifer Cruz Vasquez
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