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Updated: 12/21/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Han Dynasty
  • Warring States (220 AD-581 AD)
  • I will rule China!
  • No I will!
  • Sui Dynasty(581 AD-618 AD)
  • Make a Canal! And rebuild a The Great Wall of China!
  • Tang and Song Dynasty (618 AD-1279 AD)
  • Use civil service system. Add government officials.
  • In this period of time, China was broken in pieces and was ruled by warlords. While the warlords fought over power, China lost some groups of people. For example, Korea broke off and started their own civilization
  • Yuan Dynasty (1206 AD-1300 AD)
  • Mongols are attacking!
  • An Emperor named Wendi reunited China by force. His son Yangdi taxed the people and used the money for projects like restoring the Great Wall of China.
  • Ming Dynasty (1368 AD-1644 AD)
  • The Tang Dynasty decided to add officials to the governmentThey use the civil service system to choose best government and rulers.They also had a time of prosperity and cultural achievement.
  • Mongols grew powerful and took over most of China.They were famous of their skill on a horse and bows. They would be able to turn 180 degrees and still shoot accurately. Then China is broken up.
  • China is once again reunited and peace comes to the land.Culture and Agriculture grew and prospered due to the peace.Later an emperor named Zheng He sailed to other kingdoms for trade and to show how great China was.
  • This is the forbidden garden. Only emperors and officials!
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