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Updated: 5/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Falling Action
  • The 95 thesis was based on...
  • Resolution
  • Significance
  • Luther's ideas spread quickly due to priests, Churchgoers, merchants, and the printing of his ideas. The protest earned them the name protestants, and eventually protestant became the name of the Christians who broke with the Catholic Church during and after the 16th century. These people used the term Reformation to describe the movement of the objection to the Catholic Church.
  • As a result, many new faiths emerged, as people began to interpret the Bible in different ways. Protestant, as well as Catholic Churches have widespred influence on the world today.
  • The Reformation was the basis for Protestanism, which still influences the world today. Martin Luther has also impacted our lives because he stressed the importance of individual people learning and studying the Bible.