Updated: 2/23/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello i'm a bee and welcome to my campaign to stop bee populations declining
  • bee populations are declining because of many different factors. I will guide you through them and tell you how you can help us
  • one of the main factors of bee declination is variation, this means we don't have a variety of flowers to make food, like humans we like a change of food every once in a while
  • to help us you could let weeds grow and plant a variety of plants to help us pollinate
  • to help get rid of pests like me you could report sightings to wildlife websites that help control pests to help the future of bees
  • for instance the asian hornet, a couple could kill a hole hive of bees
  • another reason is invasive species and pests
  • another problem is climate change this affects bees because flowers bloom at different times causing bees to get confused and make them need to work out a different schedule. you should know how to tackle climate change so we are not going to dive deep into that
  • thank you for reading about my bee campaign