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Updated: 10/7/2021
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  • Speech
  • Josh says "Good morning" to every person he sees as he walks down the road. This shows Josh is a friendly outgoing person.
  • Thoughts
  • Josh thinks, " I can become a nurse if I study everyday and always do my work". This shows that Josh is a hard working student.
  • Effects
  • When Josh walks into class everyone is happy to see him and they all say hi. This shows that Josh is a liked person.
  • This shows that Josh is a social person.
  • Actions
  • Josh also takes joy in walking around town and helping people as much as possible. He does things like mark pot holes, helps stray dogs, and helps with charity.
  • This scene shows Josh thinks about becoming a nurse.
  • Looks
  • Josh wakes up at 6 am. He slowly rose out of bed yawned, rubbed his eyes, and walked to his dresser. he slides on one of his grey button up shirts he grabs his backpack and leaves for school. This shows is not lazy.
  • This shows Josh is a well known and liked person.
  • Summary
  • Overall, Josh is a simple person who loves to talk and socialize with others. He wears grey button ups everyday and gets up for school at 6 am. Josh also is trying to become a nurse.
  • This scene shows Josh is ambitious
  • This scene shows Josh I not a lazy person .
  • This scene shows that Josh is a hard working individual who cares about others and the community.