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Updated: 1/24/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The whisky rebellion
  • The challenges in the west
  • The Louisiana purchase
  • Louisiana purchase
  • The whisky rebellion is a good way for Washington to put his leadership to the test.For example,in the text it says" Washington sent federal troops to meet the challenge".This explains how Washington pt his skill to use.
  • The new enemy
  • The challenges in the west grew so Washington had to put a end to it.In the text it says "Washington signed treaties with natives American groups".This explains to be a good leader you have to comprimise.
  • war with england
  • The people of Jefferson suggested to get the Louisiana purchase.In the text it says "They did that not have the authority to accept such an offer".So he had to compromise.
  • The battle of tippocanoe
  • The government had to get rid of the bigger threat.For example,"Americans were divided only after who the enemy should be".This explains how the leader had to chose who would be there enemy.
  • They had to go to war.This is supported by the text"President Madison faced\s demand for a more aggressive policy toward britan".He was accepting faith and started going with his plan to go to war end their enemy once and for all.
  • The battle of Tippecanoe helps see strength within the president and their choices.This is supported by the text i says"[,,,]was a victory for Americans.This shows the leadership and being able to stragetize how to take done the natives.
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