Updated: 4/20/2020
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  • Pyroclastic flows occur during some eruptions. These are super-heated clouds of volcanic material ranging from ash to volcanic bombs. Pyroclastic flows travel very fast and can destroy everything in their path.
  • So that explains why there are so many clouds. When a volcano erupts.
  • Pyroclastic Flows
  • Volcanoes are built from layers of lava and tephra (particles of rock, solidified lava, and ash of all different sizes). The lava cools on the sides of the volcano and hardens into rock. Pyroclastic flows and eruption clouds deposit tephra on top of lava layers, increasing the size of the mountain.
  • Wow! I never knew that. I'm learning so much.
  • The Volcano
  • The molten, pressurized magma intrudes into the solid volcanic rock to create dikes and sills. Dikes cut across volcanic rock layers, and sills run parallel to the layers. Eventually, the magma hardens inside Earth and becomes an intrusive igneous rock.
  • Wow! Thank you so much Arhum. You have taught me so much about volcanoes.
  • Dikes and Silks
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