Unknown Story
Updated: 5/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • There was a princess that always wanted to look at the sun. She stood on the roof top and kept waiting and waiting for it. The sun would give Ana a sense of hope and confidence.
  • Ana stepped on a similar-like porch on a boat but didn't see anything above the sky. No sun and Ana kept on waiting and waiting. She hasn't seen the sun in a long time after her mother kept her quarantined in her house for years.
  • Tried looking above the skyscrapers, there was nothing. Ana would think that there was no sun for that day. She then went to go eat at a restaurant.
  • Ana ate a beautiful meal and felt full after that. Although she still doubted that the sun would come out. Ana ate with a friend and walked for a bit with her.
  • Ana and her friend walked through many different places such as open parking lots. Ana would say to her friend that she hasn't seen the sun in a long time and that she has always wanted to see it for years.
  • Ana kept talking with her friend. they went through a mini tunnel that headed towards the desert. At the end of the tunnel, Ana said something was bothering her and that it was too bright. Her friend said to her to look at her right. Ana looked. She almost couldn't believe it. The sun was there and Ana believed the sun would be there every single day.