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Updated: 6/26/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Citizens of New York city!!Over fishing is a problem that must be known to the world.
  • I believe that people decide to take action after the problem arises.People learn about these upcoming problems like over fishing but decide to do something about it as soon as the problem impacts them.
  • It is the year 2020, Fish populations are going extinct, Action has been taken and there is still no change.
  • Over fishing a world wide problem. Over fishing is a problem when fish get caught faster then their ability to reproduce.
  • Mike Collins, a marine biologist not known by many people due to his lack of research. Mike Collins believes that the over fishing problem has just begun and has decided to try and gather the attention of the citizens in New York city so they can protest.
  • I believe that over fishing is a problem that must be known to the world. Over fishing will impact everyone eventually if no one takes action. Over fishing is when the population of fish can't keep up with the rate of them being caught.
  • Yesterday, He tried to gather the people who were at the car park but it ended up as a failure. The next day he tried to gather people from the streets and there was a major difference.
  • Mike Collins was no longer an unknown Marine Biologist, even the queen heard about him and his speech presentations on the streets. The queen called for him to present a speech on television.
  • Mike Collins felt so honoured being able to talk to the queen herself and now it's time to present the speech. Over fishing became known to the world once he presented his speech
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