Land of Stories Storyboard project
Updated: 2/14/2021
Land of Stories Storyboard project

Storyboard Description

ELA book project: Land of Stories the Wishing Spell

Storyboard Text

  • A Birthday Surprise.
  • Welcome to the Land of Stories.
  • A Whole New World!
  • It was twins Alex and Conners birthday. After the day at school, they go home to find their grandmother waiting for them with presents.One of the presents is a book that their grandma and dad used to read to them called the land of stories. PG 59
  • In the Red Riding Hood Kingdom.
  • Alex and Conner discover that the storybook is a portal to another world. Alex falls in the book after being surprised by Conner, and Conner hops in to join his sister. PG 79
  • The Man in the Mirror
  • Alex and Conner fall into the fairy tale world of the Land of Stories. When they fall in they meet a frog-man named Froggy. They ask him how they can get home not telling him they are from Earth. He tells them that them if they can collect an assortment of special items, they can make a spell called The Wishing Spell and go back home. PG 101-104
  • A Family Surprise
  • The twins go to Red Riding Hood Kingdom and manage to get a piece of Red's basket for the Spell. The Huntsman's daughter retrieves a piece of the basket for the Evil Queen as well, and Red's castle burns down after the Huntsman's daughter intentionally knocks over a lamp. PG 229-235
  • The Evil Queen tells her life story to Alex and Conner. Alex becomes emotional from hearing such a sad story. She cries. The Evil Queen collects her tears, and the Wishing Spell is activated. It shows that Alex is actually a fairy herself. Mira is taken out of the Mirror, but immediately dies in the Evil Queen's arms. PG 383-384
  • The twins learn about their family history and find out they have fairy blood, which explains Alex's tears activating the Wishing Spell for the Evil Queen. Their grandmother then sends them back to their own world. PG 434-438