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Updated: 12/6/2020
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  • Evolution and Natural Selectionby Patrick Simpson
  • Mom, how come I have all white fur but you and Dad don't?
  • Well Son, I happen to carry a gene that causes a leopard to have all white fur because some of our ancestors got a genetic mutation that caused them to get white fur and it can skip a generation.
  • Mom, why is that lizard the same color as the trees?
  • Because this is how a lizard hides from it's predators so it blends in with the environment to hide, this is called camouflage, which is a good example of adaptation. Which is how an animal adapts to it's environment.
  • Why do the same animals here look different than the same animals at home?
  • They are the same animals as back home but they look different because these are traits that they adapted so they could live here, this is called natural selection.
  • Hey Mom, who is that guy over there?
  • That man is named, Charles Darwin. He is basically the father of evolution because of his theory of evolution. He believed that humans evolved over time from primates and that every animal also has a common ancestor.
  • Wow Mom! I loved that lesson on evolution and natural selection!
  • Your welcome, Son. See, now that you know about evolution, you can tell your friends about how awesome evolution is!
  • Le Fin
  • The End
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